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Content and language services for NGOs

Effective communication is key to making an impact in the unstable and dynamic world of NGOs and nonprofits (NPOs). Globally, your message needs to be assertive but compassionate. This is a tough balance.

Scize specializes in crafting messages that resonate with diverse audiences. We help your organization’s voice to be heard globally. From compelling web content that captivates visitors to SEO strategies that raise your online presence, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

With a global and work background in developing nations, we understand the challenges of engaging with varied stakeholders, and we offer solutions that amplify your mission, increase visibility, and foster meaningful connections with your community.


Germanwatch & CCPI

Scize is proud to edit for Germanwatch e.V., which produces the hugely valuable yearly survey, the Climate Change Performance Index, or CCPI. This project requires consistency, coordination, and adjustment of tone for this influential report

We have also edited research papers and reports for Germanwatch’s researchers.

See the latest CCPI rankings here.

Amplify your mission and achievements

For nongovernmental (NGO) and nonprofit (NPO) organizations, some of our services are…

Localization for non-English organizations

We adapt your content to connect with audiences in globally clear English. This style limits jargon, evens out tone, and aids understanding. By properly localizing campaign materials, reports, and web content, we help you reach a broader audience. This improves global engagement and support.

For instance, if your NGO is Europe-based an working in the ASEAN or the Global South, we determine your audience, the English style and wording, and what will connect with them. Then we localize/glocalize your content to effectively communicate with each audience. This increases engagement and support across different regions.

SEO optimization for NGO/NPO websites

Boosting your online visibility, we implement SEO strategies for your website and blog. This increases your search engine ranking, making it easier for potential supporters and partners to find you and engage with you.

Editing and proofreading

We ensure your reports, proposals, and communication materials are clear, professional, error-free, and well-formatted. We refine your content, improving clarity and impact, and ensuring your message aligns with your organizational goals.

With experience in organizations such as UNFPA and JICA, we are in tune with the terminology and with communicating in a way the public can understand. And this is no average proofread. This is editing backed by experience on 2,000+ manuscripts and writing works.

Web content creation and revision

Your website, your public face, needs engaging, informative web content, from mission statements to program descriptions. We do this with you and for you. Our content hooks visitors, clearly communicates your values and goals, and encourages support and participation.

We have created and optimized website and web content for local NGOs, UN agencies, and international organizations. We also employ writers in certain locations when local insight is needed.

Marketing, Writing, Editing for NGOs

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