Precise business editing for global audiences

Document, report, presentation editing and proofreading


Certified language editing experienced in business, academia, and NGOs​

This service is for companies, business, organizations, NGOs/NPOs, and individuals who need a professional level of editing.

You’ll receive editing from a Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences who has edited over 3,000 documents. For manuscript editing, please go here.

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Document and other editing and proofreading

Editing & Proofreading for Businesses & Organizations

Scize Elite Edit Scize Standard Edit Scize Proofread
Detailed language check: spelling, grammar, structure, natural English
Edit tables & figures​
Intensive rewording (e.g., if translated or written by a non-native English speaker)​
Edit field-specific terminology​
Check that manuscript meets publication requirements (if relevant)
Format manuscript to meet publication guidelines (if relevant)
Comments & suggestions to improve content and logic​
Free 2nd round of editing​
Final round of editing for outstanding queries​
Signed editing certificate
Delivery ≤5,000 words, 7 business days​ ≤5,000 words, 6 business days​ ≤5,000 words, 5 business days​
Rate (express available) $0.20/word $0.15/word $0.10/word
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How we work together

Get the ball rolling

1. Submit your materials

Use the Contact form or email to start the process. We’ll use Drive or Dropbox for sharing large files. I accept Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.

Creating your plan

2. Get a quote

You’ll be sent a quote and the estimate time of completion. Approve it and we’ll start.

Getting down to work

3. Editing

Your work will be edited. Track Changes is used in Word so you can see all the work that was done.

Working to completion

4. You receive your edit!

We’ll email the edited work to you via a secure server or use a secure cloud service.The copy with tracking will look like this:

Refine until you're satisfied

5. Revise or approve

Review the edit. Check the changes. Make further changes. Request revisions if applicable for the type of service you chose.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

Stay in touch

6. Keep connecting

Reach out. Ask questions. Keep in touch.

Advice is free and I’ll do anything I can to help you out. Your success is #1, always.

Contact us today

Send your materials and details. Or if you’re just looking to improve your content-related results, write us for some ideas. Estimates and brainstorms are always free.

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