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Customized scientific press releases

Post-publication exposure is critical for your research to have life and be widely cited. If only a few specialists can find your work, the world may never know about it. The Scize press release service creates a customized, journalistic report of your science. And in an attractive, conversational tone that lay reader will enjoy and the media will want to publicize.

Your release will be written by an experience scientific journalist, in a tone suitable for broad audiences.

Single press releases start at US$500 with institutional discounts available. This service is suitable for academic departments, research institutions, think tanks, and NGOs/NPOs that do original and newsworthy research.

Here are some examples:

Why use scientific press releases?

Impact, recognition, funding...

Here are 5 good ways a press release can help:

  1. Reach a wider audience: Press releases let you – a researcher – communicate your findings to a broader audience beyond the scientific community – including journalists, policymakers, and the general public. When people understand your science, they can publicize and engage with it.
  2. Generate media coverage: Science journalists and other media writers are constantly looking for things to write about. Press releases are often where the media looks first.
  3. Improve visibility: Publish your press release on a website/newswire like EurekAlert! and increase the chances of journalists and others readers finding it. It will remain online in an engaging and accessible format.
  4. Boost citations: Studies have shown that press releases can help increase citations. Press releases not only help the media find your science, they help other scientists find you via a portal, social media, and other public outlets.
  5. Funding opportunities: Increased visibility and citations can also lead to funding opportunities, as funding agencies are more likely to fund projects with a track record of success and impact. If your work’s widely visible, it’s a sign that you are an impact-making researcher.

Press releases for these and other sciences

We can accommodate these and related fields. Contact us if you’re not sure.

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Workflow: As soon as 5 days

1. Submit your materials

Use the Contact form or email to start the process. We’ll use Drive or Dropbox for sharing large files. I accept Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.

2. Get a quote and return date

You’ll be sent a quote and the estimate time of completion. Approve it and we’ll start.

3. Writing

We’ll write your press release and send it to you by the agreed-to date.

4. Revise or approve

Review the press release. Request revisions if necessary. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

5. Submit or publish the PR

If you need help with submission, let us know.

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