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Content and language services for research organizations and think tanks

Research institutes and think tanks play a vital role in shaping our future, especially in fields like sustainability, social equity, business, and economics. Scize has worked with all these fields.

These organizations’ groundbreaking work, or even their incremental efforts, can ignite change, influence policies, and drive innovation. But are you effectively communicating these complex ideas to a global audience? Are the right eyes seeing your work?

Attention is earned through clear, compelling, and scientifically accurate messaging. Complex concepts need to be translated into relatable narratives. We need to show the impacts of your research. Make this knowledge accessible and compelling – you’ll create action, and please your donors.

It’s even more challenging in a less “hot” and headline-making area, such as adaptation or micro-financing.

We’ll help you create strong communication – both in strategy and quality output. We’ll also help you compete in online searches because Google values your authority. We’ll reach beyond academia and government, into the public domain, and get your work in front of decision-making spheres.


Climate Change Performance Index

The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) is an influential and detailed annual ranking of how well major countries are keeping up their end of the deal is countering climate change. The report relies on national experts and quantifies performance with numerous metrics. Scize annually edits this full report, making sure language is accurate, aligned, and localized. Scize also gives guidance on SEO to help the commissioning organization to reach media, policymakers, students, and others who need to see this honest and valuable assessment.

Read the latest CCPI here.


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For nongovernmental (NGO) and nonprofit (NPO) organizations, some of our services are…

Writing (and translation) for your research

Scize clients receive nuanced writing that captures the essence of complex topics like climate change and regional conflict. We can summarize reports on new sustainable technologies or rewrite them to appeal to international stakeholders and investors. This not only expands the reach of your research but also attracts global attention and support, helping to drive innovation and action. We can also work with source materials in Japanese and other languages.

Research organization SEO and Web planning

Many research organizations lack the time and human resources to consider SEO. But, without SEO and web planning, your superb research may never be found online. We make your findings more discoverable and accessible. For instance, if your organization has developed a new model for economic growth that prioritizes social equity, we can increase your visibility among policymakers, academic circles, and the general public. This greater online presence not only promotes your work but also positions your organization as a thought leader.

Scientific and academic editing for publication

Led by a board-certified editor, Scize reviews and refines scientific content, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and adherence to specific guidelines and general standards. Our editing service can transform this complex analysis into an accessible and engaging document without losing the scientific rigor. This makes your research more approachable for a wider audience, including those outside your specialized scientific and research community. This increases its impact and facilitates broader discussions and understanding of your key issues.

Conference and symposium support

Offering comprehensive support for academic and research events, our service includes preparing and editing conference materials, speeches, and presentations. We ensure that the content is not only well-written but also tailored to the event’s audience, be it an international symposium or a specialized workshop. For instance, if your organization is hosting a conference on social equity, sustainabilty, or regional issues, we can help you create compelling presentation materials and speeches that effectively convey your research findings and perspectives. This service helps research institutes and researchers to present their work confidently through global platforms, facilitating knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

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