Writing and content for businesses, organizations, and scholars

Publicize your products, services, or research so the world will be interested

Writing that makes people understand, and take action

Communicate your ideas in clear language

This service is for researchers, businesses, media agencies, and all professionals who have a message to deliver.

You’ll receive work led by an MBA copywriter and scientific writer with two-plus decades of global experience.

You understand that big words and long sentences aren’t smart. In fact, they can do harm. Good writing is clear, accurate, and fluff-free. See writing examples here.

*Please note that our copywriting services are in English. We do not offer Japanese copywriting.

Content and Copywriting

If you want people to not just read your work, but understand it and take action, you’ll need strategic writing. That’s what you’ll get here. We provide the following services, among others.

  • Reports
  • Thought-leadership pieces
  • Web copy and content
  • Homepage blog
  • Product brochures and pamphlets
  • Product descriptions
  • Advertising text
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Setup guides
  • E-mails and direct response marketing materials

Scientific Writing, Press Releases

Perhaps you need science editing (go here). Or if your work is going to be published, or is already published, we can do these for you:

•  EurekAlert! press releases
•  Institutional research publications
•  Annual reports
•  Email newsletters
•  Donor and funder communications

Writing Flow

1. Submit your inquiry and supporting materials

Use the contact form or email to explain your needs.

2. Get a reply, define your needs

You’ll get a quick response from us and we’ll ask questions that clarify your writing needs, objectives, and hopes.

3. Time to work

Whether copywriting, white papers, or thought-leadership pieces, the conditions depend on your project. We’ll get to work.

4. Job is finished, or we revise

All jobs are different. Some are in stages, some are single pieces. We’ll clearly communicate the progress and work cooperatively with you on editing and revision.

5. Reach out to us any time

Get in touch with further needs, questions, if you need some advice. Your success is our success.

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