Manuscript editing and proofreading for social sciences and health sciences

Successfully publish your social sciences or health sciences manuscript

Certified editing and proofreading for social sciences and health sciences

Get published faster, with 100% natural scientific English

You’ll receive editing from a Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences who has edited 2,000+ manuscripts. For business and organizational editing, please go here.

"Scize Editing was recommended by my colleagues. The service was prompt, precise, and handled a large amount of editing work on a tight schedule. Adam greatly increased the readability and impact of the CCPI website text. That's essential because policy-makers and media will be reading this influential report."

Social Sciences and Health Sciences Editing & Proofreading

Journal & Conference Manuscript Editing for Publication

Over 2,000 manuscripts edited

Scize Elite Edit

In-depth edit and format + guidance and certificate

•  Edit spelling & grammar, tone, terminology, tables/figures, references

•  Format for publication guidelines

•  Expert comments and guidance

•  Free 2nd round of editing

•  Signed editing certificate

Rate: $40 per page (1 page = 250 words or $0.16/word)

*≤5,000 words done in 7 business days

*Express return available.

Scize Standard Edit

Thorough edit of text and terminology, with suggestions

•  Edit spelling & grammar, tone, terminology, tables & figures, references

•  Check if you satisfy the publication guidelines

•  Comments on unclear language, heavier word reform

•  Free 2nd round of editing

Rate: $25 per page (1 page = 250 words or $0.10/word)

*≤5,000 words done in 6 business days

*Express return available.

Scize Proofread

Polish the English spelling, grammar, and wording 

• Check and correct all English grammar, spelling, wording

•  Advice on unclear language

•  1 round of editing + check of basic revisions

•  No guideline check, reference editing, terminology check, or expert comments

Rate: $15 per page (1 page = 250 words or $0.06/word)

*≤5,000 words done in 5 business days

*Express return available.

Specializing in Social Sciences, Health Sciences

These are the main fields we edit. If you're working in other fields, please contact us.
If we can't do the job, we can refer you to a specialist editor.

  • Business & economics
  • Community health
  • Environmental health
  • Epidemiology & infectious diseases (COVID-19, etc.)
  • History
  • International development
  • Nursing
  • Politics
  • Psychology & mental health (behavioral psychology, industrial & organizational psychology [I/O psychology] personality psychology, social psychology)
  • Public health and global health
  • Regional development
  • Sociology
  • Socioeconomics

Additional Publication Services

Add-on Services for Journal Submission

Satisfy the guidelines and increase your chances of manuscript acceptance by refining and streamlining your work

• Document formatting in accordance with publication/journal guidelines: Ask for quote

•  Abstract creation in the style required by your target publication: $150

•  Cover letter creation to effectively promote your scientific manuscript submission: $50

•  Word reduction to fit your work within the required limits: Ask for a quote

PR & Scientific Communications

Communicate your findings to the public with scientific press releases and other writing by an experienced writer/editor

•  EurekAlert! press releases

•  Institutional research publications

•  Annual reports

•  Email newsletters

•  Donor communications

Editing & Proofreading Flow

1. Submit your materials

Use the Contact form or email to start the process. We’ll use Drive or Dropbox for sharing large files. I accept Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. LaTeX files are accepted on Overleaf.

2. Get a quote

You’ll be sent a quote and the estimate time of completion. Approve it and we’ll start.

3. Editing

Your work will be edited. Track Changes is used in Word so you can see all the work that was done.

4. You receive your edit!

We’ll email the edited work to you via a secure server or use a secure cloud service.

The copy with tracking will look like this:

5. Revise or approve

Review the edit. Check the changes. Make further changes. Request revisions if applicable for the type of service you chose.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

6+. Keep the relationship going

Reach out. Ask questions. Keep in touch.

Advice is free and I’ll do anything I can to help you out. Your success is #1, always.

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