Premium editing, proofreading, substantive editing

Organizations and Researchers: entrust your editing to a professional

Editing and proofreading for the social sciences and health sciences

Board-certified editing to perfect your English

Scize Editing is for academic researchers, organizations, business, and all writers and researchers who want to publish their work.

All editing is done by dedicated editing professionals with verified academic backgrounds. No students or non-natives.

You’ll receive editing from a Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences who has edited over 2,000 manuscripts and 1,000 policy and other documents. Experience on-the-ground in business, NGOs, academia, across numerous countries from North America to Asia-Pacific.

"Scize Editing was recommended by my colleagues. The service was prompt, precise, and handled a large amount of editing work on a tight schedule. Adam greatly increased the readability and impact of the CCPI website text. That's essential because policy-makers and media will be reading this influential report."

For Organizations and Individuals

General Documents & Content

Scize Pro Editing and proofreading for organizations and businesses

Based on practical and academic experience

•  Comprehensive editing of English spelling, grammar, tone, and suitability based on the topic and audience

•  Adherence to style guide or publication guidelines

•  Comments on unclear language and how to improve it

•  Alignment and proper definition of abbreviations

•  Check suitability of scientific terminology

•  Confirmation of names/proper nouns

•  Improve readability by using plain language and accessible wording

•  Publication also possible for WordPress and other website CMS

From US$0.06/word

*Express return available.

Scize Scientific Editing and proofreading for scientific/academic publication

•  Fix all English grammar, spelling, wording

•  Check journal guidelines, format your manuscript, including reference formatting

•  Guidance on unclear language

•  Check that scientific language is appropriate

•  Usage of modern scientific conventions, such as active voice and plain language where possible

•  Cooperative revisions pre-submission and post-submission when responding to peer review

•  Professional advice on scientific clarity, ways to improve your message

From US$0.06/word

*Express return available

What is professional "native English" editing?

These days, there are many freelance editors and proofreaders. Some sell their services for less than a penny a word. Some are in fact native speakers, though they lack experience (e.g., students or those who have never editing for publication). Many are from countries where English may be an “official” language, but it’s not spoken at home and it’s spoken with a local dialect (e.g., India, Singapore, the Philippines). 

You may get lucky and find a gem. Or you may pay money only to have your English be inaccurate, unnatural, and full of grammatical mistakes.

Scize Editing is by Scize Group LLC, a registered company. It’s fully transparent. You can verify your scientific editor‘s qualifications based on public information.

By “non-native”, we mean anyone for whom English is not the first language spoken in the home country. For example, “true native English” is from inner-circle countries such as the US, UK, and Australia. “Non-native” refers to countries where English is widely used, but is not the first spoken language.

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