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Now it's easier for people to find your science

Science is a business. Businesses need marketing.

SEO, blogs, branding… content! These aren’t only important for B2C and B2B. But for scientific companies, they’re misunderstood, underused, and entrusted to the wrong people.

Scize applies scientific expertise, unlike generalist marketing agencies and writers. Our global network of managed academics and scientists offers unparalleled expertise.

Scize expresses your science’s benefits to increase demand and sales (or donations, leads, etc.).

Higher traffic for your scientific website – Scize

*Results like this aren’t guaranteed, but we do our best to make them happen with every client.

Adam Goulston
Dr. Adam Goulston, Science Marketer

Organic SEO science

“Organic” means people find you. It’s done with a combination of quality design and content, clear English, modern SEO practices. This works globally and helps you over the short, medium, AND long term.

Written by scientists

We assemble teams of content subject matter experts. Then we make it readable to any audience. Benefit from this unique combination of writing and scientific expertise.

For global audiences

We don’t just read about other places, we live in them and do business with them. We’re connected with business and academia worldwide, with 20+ years of experience.

content-based strategy using scientific & business expertise

Scize Marketing

Attract leads and customers in science, NGOs, and research-related industries. Creating a sustainable approach.

Expert-written Content

Copywriting, reports, white papers, press releases, and more. Scientific subject-matter experts.

Board-certified scientific editing

Research manuscripts, journal submission, business writing, proofreading, ELS-certified. 2,000+ manuscripts edited.

Frequently asked questions

Scize is “Sci” for science and Scize because we create scientific content that fits your needs and budget.

We define great ideas and good science as any form of research-based, evidence-based work that:

  • Improves the world and/or its people, while doing little or no harm.

Granted, there is ample gray space. Humane animal testing may lead to a great cure for a disease. That may be good science. But if the animal testing does not follow global standards for humane testing, or if it’s for vanity causes, such as cosmetic injections, can we call it good? If you do, that’s your choice.

Quite simply, if you’re not comfortable with the notion that there are damaging elements in society and business, then we don’t recommend you use our services.

If you’re not sure, or you want to discuss it, respectful debate is always welcomed.  We can’t give our creative energies to our work if we don’t find societal merit in the end result.

We’re capable and experienced with research-based writing for sales and marketing, homepage content, blogs, email drips campaigns, PPC ads, landing pages, most types of copywriting. As Scize is also located in Asia, we’re especially familiar with Asian markets such as Japan, Korea, and ASEAN.

We don’t do essays or medical writing, but we’ll be happy to recommend excellent services for those.

No, our copywriting service is only in English. We can, however, arrange translation.

We do manuscript editing and proofreading for journal submission. We specialize in business and psychology (and related fields). We also do editing and proofreading for organizations and businesses in a range of fields.

For manuscript editing, all work is done by a true native-English-speaking editor. We never use those who are not trained editors. We have edited more than 2,000 scientific manuscripts, many of which were successfully published.

For organizations and businesses, we can not only edit reports and documents, we can edit websites, PowerPoint and other presentations, scripts, subtitles, anything requiring suitable and outstanding English.

Find out more about Scize Editing for manuscripts and papers.

We’ll be happy to edit a short passage of text if you’d like to see our skills. Please contact us.

We can accept direct bank transfer (globally from anywhere or domestically in Japan), PayPal, and credit card payment.

For established agencies, organizations, and verifiable individuals, we ask for payment upon completion. For some first-time clients, we may ask for a deposit before starting.

We create basic WordPress sites for companies to go global. We also do homepage reform and localization.

We’re highly capable in WordPress and we work with your designers to coordinate writing and/or editing that will fit your website and audience.

Scize Group LLC is a registered company in Japan. We have a track record of experience and a portfolio of examples. The main reason this company exists is to legitimate its services as being a step above freelance work in credibility, professionalism, and a physical address and real name.

Freelancers are individuals working on an informal basis, often as a “side hustle.” They can be completely inexperienced or quite competent. If English isn’t your first language or you’re not a writer, how will you evaluate your work?

Unfortunately, many companies do direct translations and outsource to amateur writers. That’s usually a big waste of time and money.

Scize gets rid of that problem for you. We solve it by ensuring quality, personal contact, and satisfaction-guaranteed service.

No, it’s not. We do not do editing for documents such as undergraduate theses and college essays.

If the student is publishing in a peer-reviewed journal, however, we are happy to take on the job. See our certified manuscript editing services.

In-house we can do Japanese-to-English translation, and for larger jobs, we can arrange translation from any language into English.

Scize is owned and operated by a US-born expat, Dr. Adam Goulston. In addition to a doctorate in psychology, Adam holds multiple master’s degrees, board-certification as a life sciences editor, and over two decades of corporate, NGO, and academic experience. Others working with Scize have verified academic and professional credentials.

Other involved parties are strictly reviewed on their academic and professional backgrounds, and work is quality-controlled and 100% guaranteed.

We also take pride in only offering English by true native English speakers.

The majority of the work is done in-house. True native English speakers do all our language-related work. Any technical work, such as web creation, done by non-native speakers, is either language-agnostic or is thoroughly proofread.

Indeed, many editing, writing, and marketing (and tech, etc.) companies outsource work to countries such as India and the Philippines. Then they keep the profits and send the clients inferior work.

That’s unethical and it’s bad business.

Aside from what’s usually a big drop in language quality, we find it highly disingenuous to charge North American or European rates for work done by people in less-advanced economies.

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