GrowGlobal by Scize: Two easy plans, with far-reaching benefits

Get a customized and impactful English website and blog that promote you worldwide

Two easy plans for expanding your business' or organization's global footprint

Professionally written English websites, blogs for marketing your science, company, or organization

GrowGlobal Website – Present your company in attractive English

A basic, custom-designed 3-page WordPress website that tells the world about your company

•  Add it to your current WordPress site or do a standalone site

•  3 pages: Home, About, Contact
➢ The home page is your intro and image.
➢ The About page explains your company.
➢ Contact lets people get in touch.

•  Add an optional blog for better Google search performance

•  Add other pages such as Services/Products

See our fully functional demo site, Reiwaco, below.

This demo site is similar to the one we can create for your company.

We can also reform your current English page or take on a bigger project.

Tell us what you need. We can also arrange regular updating and larger sites.

GrowGlobal Blog – Use content marketing to attract readers to your site

A custom blog with at least 5 custom posts targeting keywords related to your industry

• A 100%-original English blog with 5 customized articles.

• Articles are chosen and written after competitive analysis to find terms your target customers are interested in.

• Over time, readers will find your company through these articles.

• We’ll add it to your current WordPress site, or send you the content and you can implement it yourself.

View a fully functional example, including real articles, on the demo site below.

Articles are fully researched based on your site’s theme. We hire specialist writers who understand the content.

All articles are then comprehensively edited and revised for maximal SEO performance.

Monthly plans available.

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