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ChatGPT in scientific writing

Using ChatGPT in Scientific Writing, Effectively and Ethically

ChatGPT is everywhere these days. The AI chatbot has taken the world by storm, astounding people with its human-like conversational abilities. ChatGPT for scientific writing ...
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where to publish your scientific press release

Where to Publish and Pitch Your Scientific Press Release

EurekAlert! is the uncontested champion for publishing scientific press releases. It has multiple languages and a massive global reach. We recommend this site, above all. ...
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Scientific press releases – Scize

How to Write a Scientific Press Release that Attracts Media, Readers, and Boosts Your Impact

As a scientific researcher, you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your research. But even after you get published, there’s no guarantee people ...
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digital health – Scize Marketing

5 Big Trends in Digital Health and Health Informatics in 2023

Healthcare is a major part of the global digital revolution. Healthcare professionals and institutions either are implementing solutions or feeling nagging guilt the longer they ...
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Use Sustainable Development Goal 1 (SDG 1) to be a Better Company

UN SDG 1 is simple – No Poverty. It’s simple in words, but in deeds, of course, it’s immensely complex. Companies, for their part, should ...
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Science books for non-scientists

27 Great Science Books for Non-scientists

Science helps us to understand the world around us. Science books introduce non-scientists to new worlds in an accessible way, expanding our horizons and freeing ...
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avoid greenwashing in marketing – Scize scientific marketing

Stop the Greenwashing! Be a Truly Green Company

Customers increasingly buy from what they perceive as eco-minded companies, and governments are tightening environmental regulations on industry. Companies must appear “green” and “sustainable” for ...
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Science vs. pseudoscience vs. junk science

Science vs. Pseudoscience (and Junk Science)

Science has shaped many aspects of our modern lifestyle, from technological devices to health care. Science’s power comes from its systemic method of gathering knowledge ...
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How to review the scientific literature in a review article

8 Tips for Writing a Scientific Literature Review Article

A scientific literature review article provides a thorough overview of the current knowledge on a certain topic. The main goal is to consider the difficulties ...
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What is a preprint – Scize Editing

What Are Preprints? How They’re Changing Scientific Publication

A preprint is a scientific manuscript shared publicly on a free, open-access platform called a preprint server. There, it can receive feedback before or during ...
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CSR vs. CSV: What’s the Difference for Your Company?

In business, it’s common to spend a lot of money on things that don’t seem to help the bottom line. They might clean up the ...
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What is Scientific Editing? What is a Scientific Editor?

Many scientists and scholars think of language editing as fixing up spelling and grammar (i.e., proofreading). So when they’re looking for an editor for their ...
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How to Use Readability to Get People to Actually Read Your Blog (and other content)

If no one is reading your blog posts, you’ve got company. You’re in the 90.63% of content that gets no traffic from Google. One big ...
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Understand Semantic SEO to Succeed in Global Content Marketing

Semantic SEO is at the heart of reading the searcher’s intent. Different people Google in different ways. Semantic SEO is writing and optimizing your content ...
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Scize – photography

A Copywriter Who Takes Photos has Double Value for Your Company

I can offer you both original native English copywriting and original photography in Japan, South Korea, and other parts of Asia. It’s a useful combination, ...
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content marketing for global NGOs – Scize Marketing

Content Marketing for Global NGOs in 2023: Know Yourself, Communicate Authentically

Content marketing should be part of every global NGO’s marketing mix and digital marketing planning in 2022. Marketing for nonprofit organizations has its own mix, ...
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How and why to write your research in LaTeX

Why and How to Write Your Research and Documents in LaTeX

The majority of research is still written up using Microsoft Word and Excel. Some researchers may also use Google Docs for its cloud-based flexibility, which ...
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5 Great Things about the New whitehouse.gov, and 2 Revision Requests

While you were distracted by a lot of other stuff, the new White House residents renovated whitehouse.gov, the official site of the US President. They ...
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Infographic: How to Dominate Zoom and Online Meetings

Like it or not, online meetings, video-conferencing, Zoom, etc. are here to stay. At Scize, they’re central in much of our communication. We don’t expect ...
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Social Media for Scientific Researchers in 2023

Social media for researchers and scientists is confusing. It’s not the same as it is for “everyday people.” That’s because you’re a specialist in your ...
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Google Translate Is No Friend to Science or Business, Despite its Improvement

Update in 2021: Since I wrote this in late-2018, it’s really only gotten worse. More than ever, I see the use of Google Translate. I ...
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Find the best copywriters in Japan, Korea, Asia

How to Find the Best Native English Copywriters in Japan, Korea, Asia

There are only a few qualified professional native-English copywriters in Asia. Nothing beats word of mouth, but the easiest way to find them is to ...
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Social Sciences Research on COVID-19

COVID-19: New Areas for Social Sciences Research

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic has severely impacted the entire world, directly and indirectly. This means seemingly infinite new topics of research have ...
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What is a BELS certified editor? ELS

What is a Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS)? And why does it matter?

Among the various qualifications for copy editors, the ELS qualification signifies a Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences. It is granted by the US-based Board ...
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Doctors often are not good editors

Where to Find Research Articles and Papers [for free!]

Ideally, if you need to find research articles and research papers, your literature searches start with your university’s library, and systems such as EBSCO and ...
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The Most Common Mistakes on Asian Companies’ English Homepages (and how to fix them)

The most common mistakes on Asian companies’ English websites are the result of pride, lack of awareness, and unskilled people making these sites. They’re easily ...
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Why Scientific Companies Should Use Blogs to Increase Sales

Celanese is a Fortune 500 chemical and technology company. It dates back 100 years and its sales top $5 billion, mostly dealing with high-level industry. ...
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What is Science-to-Business (S2B) Marketing? [hint: it will get you more leads!]

Scientists want to know that their many months, or years, of research actually produce something of use. Companies are pressured to innovate. And R&D is ...
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Research and Research Promotion in a Struggling Economy

An academic writer’s goal is not just to get published, it’s also to research and publish something that may be relevant for his or her ...
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Global, Multicultural Marketing: The Art of Finding the Heart

The very heart of global, intercultural, multinational marketing (could even be called “ethnic marketing”) is just that – the very heart. So, to succeed in ...
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How Are Trade Wars Affecting Japanese and Korean SMEs?

Trade disputes between the United States and China have made big news over the past year. The Japan Times is a good source of for ...
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How Can Japanese and Korean Businesses Best Market to Latin America?

Bogotá, Colombia, like many other Latin American cities, seems like it never stops growing. One very noticeable feature in Bogotá is the strong presence of ...
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Chinese Speakers of English: 5 Problems You Can Overcome

Jack Ma learned English out of sheer will. He would seek out tourists and converse with them, and he studies like crazy. Now he is ...
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